martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Cada intento de controlar nuestra vida...

Every attempt to characterize and control our life leaves us
failed and flattened. Yet life keeps pouring through our system,
unrelenting, unconcerned, uncaring about all our efforts to
understand, to change, to surrender. Life just does not care
about our ideas, our emotions, our structures, that attempt to
assign time, location, and meaning. Life crashes into us with
abandon, incinerates our precious moment, and moves us
without hesitation into what is next.
This fundamental energy -the movement of life- is what
it is, with or without our understanding or interpretation. It
doesn’t even require that we understand that. The energy of
life is expressing itself as what we are, unrelated to our imag—
inings that it is we who are accessing the energy to become
something better. In this, all of our efforts to get to that energy
are pointless, since the simple fact is that we are the manifes-
tation of that energy, just as we are.
This energy takes us directly to where we do not want to
go -to the life we have run from, the life that is so confusing
and fragmented. It takes us to our life as it is, stripped of the
veneer of specialness. It takes us to the ordinary, the mundane,
the attached, the personal.
Living stripped of pretense, in the full flow of life energy
we are no longer separated from the desires that make up the
person that we are.

Steven Harrison  What's Next After Now?: Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life